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At Least 36 People Killed in Istanbul Suicide Bombing

The attacks took place at Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport.

At Least 36 People Killed in Istanbul Suicide Bombing
Image: Reuters
On Tuesday night, it was reported that three suicide bombers detonated their bombs at the entrance of Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport causing at least more than 36 people dead and 147 more injured. The death toll is expected to rise and no Malaysians were reported to be involved in this incident so far. Officials have reported that the majority of casualties were Turkish and the rest are foreign nationals which have not been identified yet.

One of the weapons left behind after the explosion happened. (Image: Reuters)
Image: AFP
Image: Reuters

A CCTV footage has emerged showing a policeman shooting a suicide bomber before he detonates himself.

Another video showed the aftermath of the bombing at the airport.

Panic erupted as the suicide bombers entered the terminal. Some witnesses claim that one of them had “randomly shot fires”. Eyewitnesses of the scene told local media of their horrifying experience.
Turkish Prime Minister, Binali Yildirim, condemned the attacks and believed that the culprits behind it were from the Islamic State group or known as ISIS. This incident may cause more tensions in Turkey as they are currently fighting against a domestic Kurdish insurgency and ISIS jihadists who have carried out attacks in Istanbul previously.

This isn’t the first time Istanbul has been attacked, in fact, it’s their fifth major bomb attack this year. The most recent attack was earlier this month where 11 people were killed following a car bomb explosion in the Vezneciler district. In April, two separate suicide bombings took place in Ankara and killed 29 people and earlier this year, a suicide bomber detonated himself at the iconic Sultanahmet Square in broad daylight and killed 12 civilians. The worst bombing to date took place last year with a death toll of over 100 people in Ankara.

The tourism industry has been crippled by these frequent attacks in Istanbul causing the nation to suffer its lowest decline in tourism arrivals in 17 years in April. On Monday, the US embassy in Ankara had issued a travel advisory for its citizens, warning them of the increase threats in Turkey.

Following the attacks, Facebook has activated their safety check feature allowing those were at the affected area to mark themselves and others who were with them as safe. If you know any Malaysians who were affected by the incident and are unreachable, kindly contact Wisma Putra and notify them as soon as possible.