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Netizens React to a Car Plunging into a 40-foot Sewage Hole

An accident waiting to happen or at the wrong place and wrong time?

Netizens React to a Car Plunging into a 40-foot Sewage Hole
Narrow brush with death. (Image: The Star)
Yesterday at around 2pm, a car skidded into a 40-foot sewage hole in Section 17, PJ that was still under construction. The driver, Yong Chee Seng, 86 along with a passenger who is believed to be his maid, escaped death as they sustained multiple injuries and was rushed to Universiti Malaya Medical Centre for treatment.
Image: The Star

The rescue efforts were caught on tape thanks to witnesses who were at the scene. Watch the video here:

civil engineer who was also at the scene questioned the construction’s company decision to place plastic barriers instead of concrete ones as the whole freak accident would have been avoided. After the incident took place, construction workers were seen barricading the area with concrete barriers as well as two personnel who were manning the traffic.

This news went viral online which angered a lot of netizens. Many expressed their dissatisfaction towards the construction company involved and the municipal council. Some also offered suggestions on how to avoid the distressing incident in the future. 

We hope all the victims involved will have a speedy recovery and let this be a lesson to all construction companies. If you have any thoughts on this incident, kindly share it with us in the comment section below.