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Survey Shows That Less Than 60% Malaysians Are Happy With Their Jobs

Are YOU happy with your current job?

Survey Shows That Less Than 60% Malaysians Are Happy With Their Jobs
Am I happy with my job? This might be a question that many employees ask themselves and it has been the subject of many researchers over the years. has recently released its latest survey - the Employee Job Happiness Index 2017. The index ranks the job happiness levels in various Asian countries as well as the job sectors.

So, how did Malaysia fare in this survey? We ranked fourth out of seven Asian countries with a score of 4.65 out of 10.

Accurate representation of how we feel about our job.
If you’re wondering where these happy employees work at, well, they are from the civil service sector, food and beverage industry, and medical field.

If you want to know even more specifically, it’s the folks who are working in sales (telesales/telemarketing), engineering (electrical and civil), and healthcare (nurses and medical support staff).

However, overall, only 58% o fMalaysians are happy with their jobs.

Among the reasons that they are content with their work are due to good work location, good colleagues, and company reputation.

Leading the happiness index is Indonesia (5.27), Vietnam (5.19), and Philippines (4.97). Thailand, Hong Kong, and Singapore all placed fifth to seventh place respectively.