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Express Bus Shockingly Crashes into 10 Cars

The incident was captured on video as a bus crashes into 10 cars on the PLUS highway.

Express Bus Shockingly Crashes into 10 Cars
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The driver of an express bus which ploughed into at least 10 cars at KM265.8 of the North-South Expressway near the Menora Tunnel yesterday has been detained. Based on the video that went viral on social media, the bus was seen exiting the Menora Tunnel (on July 10) at high velocities smashing straight into several cars on the road. According to Free Malaysia Today, Bukit Aman Traffic Enforcement Investigation Department Assistant Superintendent ASP Hazil Reza Mohd Ghazali cited that the 3pm incident, which was captured on video, was triggered by brake failure.

The bus was identified as a STAR QISTNA express bus and Perak police are conducting a thorough investigation concerning the accident. However, many concluded that lives could have been lost if not for the quick thinking of the driver of the express bus. Zakaria Ahmad, the co-driver to the 51-year-old driver being remanded over the incident said that the outcome could have been a lot worse if he steered to the side of the expressway. The Malay Daily specified that all 28 passengers on the bus escaped unscathed.But new reports from NST stated that two passengers were injured when the car they were in was rammed by the bus.

Zakaria told reporters outside the district police station that it was tremendously difficult to slow down the bus, given that the weight of the bus and that it was coming down a slope at that time. He indicated that the brakes were not working and it was “very dangerous to pull the handbrake in such a situation, all he could do to slow down the vehicle was to drop gears.”

He also mentioned that “he (the bus driver) saved us all,” adding that the driver frantically sounded the horn to warn other motorists.

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The recording of the incident was shared all over social media, and appears to have been recorded with a static traffic camera. It showed the bus coming out of a turn at high speeds and ramming through cars as it moved between them.

Watch the shocking footage here:

Nonetheless, accordingly to the police department, the bus driver had nine outstanding traffic summonses issued between 2011 and last year, while the bus was issued with a total of 63 traffic summonses. The authorities have acquired a four-day remand order against the driver of the express bus who is currently being investigated for reckless driving under Section 42(1) of the Road Transport Act.

Ipoh OCPD Assistant Commissioner Sum Chang Keong confirmed that the brakes on the vehicle were faulty according to The Star.

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