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Serena Williams Makes Headlines for Her Revealing Outfit

The tennis star's tight white top left very little to the imagination and was blasted by viewers!

Serena Williams Makes Headlines for Her Revealing Outfit
Image Credit: Reuters
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Wimbledon fashion doesn’t exactly make headlines and does not allow for many surprises, given the stringent all-white dress code. However, the well-recognized competitors in the game, Serena and Venus Williams, have drawn much attention for their outfits at this year’s competition that took place at the All England Lawn Tennis Club in London.

Venus donned outfits from her label, EleVen, which the tennis celebrity founded in 2007 with the now-defunct retailer Steve & Barry’s. However, the line was later revived in 2012. Serena Williams, however, chose to wear a Nike dress with a more unusual halter turtleneck look and a flared, pleated skirt. Unfortunately, the look didn't resonate with everyone as users on social media took to have criticise Williams for wearing a top that is too body-hugging and skimpy. The athlete captivated as she beat Anastasia Pavlyuchenkovaon on Centre Court to move into the semi-finals but many supporters seemed more engrossed by her top. While loose tennis dresses is causing players complications over flashing their knickers, now people are making a fuss about Serena’s “overexposure”.

serena williams | Rojak Daily

Some viewers stated that her private bits were showing in HD when they were watching the game and wasn’t covering much – therefore incredibly distracting. A professional golfer, Georgie Bingham, felt that Serena’s lack of appropriate underwear support took away the attention from her victory. Body-shaming online did not sit well with Serena’s admirers as some came to her defence by saying she took out the opponent, while others seemed preoccupied with the tennis star's nipples instead. Personally, we like to focus on how Serena is paving the way for women in tennis, even if a pair of nipples protruded a little during the match.

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Should we shame Williams for not covering up (enough) during the game? Or are we supporters of #freethenipple and women having the right to be noticed for accomplishments, and not just for their body parts?

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