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Rojak Daily Rebuttal: Good News This Week

Featuring a singing wunderkind, vigilante justice, philantrophists, a unisex condom, and a persecuted bather

Rojak Daily Rebuttal: Good News This Week
Some good, some funny, some inspiring.

As we continue in our Raya festivities we thought it was high time we heard some good news for a change. In the light of all the evil that has been highlighted in the news lately, this is our rebuttal: 

11-year-old Malaysian Adinda amazes judges at a Chinese singing competiton

Adinda from Taiping, Perak sang her heart out at the reality program Let's Sing Kids in China and received a standing ovation from the crowd and wowed the judges who couldn't contain their amazement. She's no stranger to singing competitions locally but this is the first time she has received international recognition. Watch the video above and believe in the tenacity of the human spirit. We're behind you Adinda! 

Robbery foiled in Georgetown, Penang by vigilant citizens

Image: Kwong Wah Jit Poh

A 16-year-old slashed a mini-market owner in Jalan Tapah and attempted to flee in the incident that occurred at 3.35pm (is there no safety in daylight anymore?). The shop keeper's son heard the commotion from behind the shop and quickly sought help of passers-by who later apprehended the youth (that's why you don't rob in daylight). The youth was later handed over to the police. 

Four Malaysians named Heroes of Philantrophy 2016 by Forbes

Image: Wikipedia

The heroes are Anne Eu, chairman of Eu Yan Sang Malaysia, Lee Oi Hian and Sanra Lee chairman of Kuala Lumpur Kepong and Daybreak respectively, and Leong Hoy Kum, Group MD of Mah Sing Group. Anne Ee's contributions in particular was highlighted by Forbes as she started the Flagbearer Education Foundation for the education of the children of the crew of the missing MH370. In the same year, she raised USD300,000 for cancer research and education through the Joseph William Yee Eu Foundation, named after her late husband. Earlier in 2016 Anne also led a team of volunteers into the forests of Sabah to donate water filters and rice cookers as part of the Roti 1Malaysia campaign. Each day its volunteers pick up surplus food and goodies from 5-star hotel kitchens and passes them on to orphanages, elder-care homes, and refugee centres. 

A man gets rudely interrupted in the shower and hilariously 'defends his rights'

Image: Facebook @ Nabil Abdulaziz

As they say, if you have to explain the joke... But don't question my hak not to explain it! Also, watch the original video that inspired this meme here.

Finally! Malaysian develops a unisex condom that provides "total protection"


Invented by Malaysian gynaecologist Dr John Teo, the condom is named Wondaleaf and is priced at RM8 per pack. It is ultra thin at 20 microns of thickness and is one fourth the thickness of a regular condom. In a promotional video released by Twin Catalyst for Wondaleaf, the product is called a personal barrier film that can potentially solve problems faced by women like "infections, unintended pregnancies, cervical cancer, and messy menstruation". Though positioned as unisex, the product seems to be skewed slightly towards the ladies as this instructional video and this instructional manual shows. It can also be reversed and used on men, but once you see the video and the product, you'll know that it will cover the entirety of the male genitalia – scrotum and pubic hair. The product is also reportedly reusable. Watch the promo video below and try not to blush at the instructional video (which we won't embed here, It's a little NSFW).