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Ranked: Kuala Lumpur Has One Of The Worst Public Transportation Services In The World

Yikes! It looks like we have to work on a lot of things to improve our ranking.

Ranked: Kuala Lumpur Has One Of The Worst Public Transportation Services In The World
Almost every major city in the world has public transportation services including us in Kuala Lumpur. But what makes any public transportation line stand out against others has got to be its services.

In Malaysia, we have pretty much a good amount of public transportation services available to the public – busses, KTM, LRT, the monorail and MRT. Thousands of Malaysians use these services on a daily basis to commute around the Klang Valley. Frequent delays and problems in some of these services have caused distressed to many Malaysians as thousands were left stranded and late for work on many occasions throughout the years.

According to a recent study by Arcadis in the Sustainable Cities Mobility Index 2017, Kuala Lumpur placed 95th in the overall index rankings out of 100 countries.

Hong Kong, Zurich, and Paris are in the top three while our neigbouring country, Singapore even made it into the top 10.

The study is to assess the quality and sustainability of urban mobility systems or in other words public transporation services in 100 countries around the world including Malaysia.

The study is measured using three indexes – people (social and human implications of mobility systems including quality of life), planet (environmental impacts; “green” factors like energy, pollution and emissions), and profit (the efficiency and reliability of a mobility system to facilitate economic growth).

Do you frequently commute via one of our public transportation services?
In the people index, KL is placed 82nd, indicating that perhaps more Malaysian prefer to use their own private transportation instead of taking the public transportations due to a number of factors. Among the reasons are transport coverage, reliability, hours of operation and the popularity of the system.

As for the planet and profit index, we placed 92nd and 89th respectively.

Let’s hope the government and public transport agencies will work harder to improve our public transport services in order to materialise our nation’s vision of a world-class metropolis by 2020.