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Monkey Steals Woman's Phone After Being Fed

When will people learn not to mess around with monkeys?

Monkey Steals Woman's Phone After Being Fed
Monkeys will take what they want and you can't stop 'em. (Image:
A video of a monkey stealing a woman’s cellphone is making its round on the Internet. The incident happened when the young woman was feeding the monkey with her left hand and taking photos of it with her free one.

You’d think that it’d be satisfied with the food, but no. This one monkey seemed to have a luxurious taste, snatching away the cellphone she had been holding. Tak boleh blah.

This happened in China’s Sichuan Province, but we can totally see it happening—well—almost anywhere in our country: Shah Alam, Bangsar, Simpang Pulai, Kota Kinabalu, you name it. There seems to be an abundance of monkeys here, and we won’t be surprised they’d be gunning for our valuables next.

Look at these thugs:


Be careful around monkeys and don't dangle your valuables in front of them, folks!