More Malaysians Are Starting To Shop For Groceries Online

Have you tried buying your daily necessities online?

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More Malaysians Are Starting To Shop For Groceries Online
It is no doubt the age of online shopping because who doesn’t enjoy getting things delivered to their doorstep with just a click of the mouse or touch on the mobile phone?
Whether it is food, clothes, gadgets, household items, beauty products or flight tickets, you can practically find anything and everything you need on the internet.
It's almost too convenient sometimes.
And now, looks like more and more Malaysians are exploring the option of shopping for groceries online!
This is not something new overseas. Countries like the United States, United Kingdom, China, South Korea and Japan have been leveraging on the convenience of purchasing their daily necessities online.
But for Malaysians, it is definitely something that took us time to get used to. And we finally gave it a chance.
Online marketplace Shopee has just launched the all-new Shopee Mall with over 100,000 products among 300 brands, as reported by Bernama. You can even find perishable items like milk powder, soap and confectionary on the platform.

The all-new Shopee Mall offers authentic products with free shipping nationwide.
According to Shopee regional managing director Ian Ho, they are starting to see the trend of people buying daily goods online that will not only save them time but money as well, as reported by New Straits Times.
"When people buy their daily needs, they always get the same things and they already roughly know the prices for these products,” Ho said.
Now that people can find the consumer brands they are more familiar with online, it only makes sense to just get them on the platform and have them delivered for free.
The newly upgraded online mall reportedly offers 100 per cent authentic guarantee, 15-day return policy and free shipping all over Malaysia.

So it's only a matter of time before we stop going out to buy things altogether, don't you think?

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