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The Mitsubishi Evolution Is Coming Back...And We Don't Think You'll Like It Very Much!

What is that thing?!

The Mitsubishi Evolution Is Coming Back...And We Don't Think You'll Like It Very Much!

Same name, but different beast.

The Mitsubishi Evolution is one of the most iconic performance car lines in history. It was heavily featured on the big and small screen (remember Initial D?), and we're pretty confident you have seen your fair share of Proton Wira wearing the Evolution badge on the road.

Which is why when Mitsubishi decided to cancel the line after the release of the Evolution X last year, fans were extremely upset.

But when the car manufacturer announced on Wednesday that they will be bringing back the Evolution, fans weren't too happy either.

That's because the new Mitsubishi Evolution won't be the powerful, rally-ready sedan that we grew to love: it will reportedly be an electric sport utility vehicle (SUV) crossover concept.

According to a report by motoring site Top Gear, Mitsubishi will be introducing the new Evolution -- now called the e-Evolution, by the way -- at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show next month.

The car manufacturer said in a press release cited by the news stite that the e-Evolution is "a low-slung, highly-aerodynamic SUV coupe" which will reportedly feature an electric All-Wheel Drive powertrain.

It will also be powered by an advanced Artificial Intelligence technology.

You won't see this in 'Initial D'.
The car manufacturer did not really provide any additional details about the brand new Evolution, except for the teaser image above.

We do hope that Mitsubishi knows what they're doing, though, because they have some really, really big shoes to fill: