Are You Working In The 2017 Top 3 Highest Paying Industries In Malaysia?

Hmm, maybe you might want to consider a career change?

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Are You Working In The 2017 Top 3 Highest Paying Industries In Malaysia?
JobStreet Malaysia has recently revealed its 2017 Salary Report. The cohesive report covers all sorts of job industries from engineering, accounting, to arts and media. The data is obtained from five different working levels – entry level, junior executive, senior executive, manager, and senior manager.

iMoney has analysed JobStreet’s findings and came up with the Top 10 Best Paying Jobs of 2017.

According to the report the top three highest paying industries in Malaysia as of 2017 are engineering, computer/IT, and followed by healthcare.

The lowest paying industries were unfortunately hotel/restaurant, education/training, and admin/HR.

But what about journalists and content writers like us? ):
For entry level, the highest paying job would be in engineering/construction/building with RM5,533, followed by hotel/restaurant consulting (business & management) - RM5,100, and computer/IT software - RM4,600.

So, fresh grads or those who are still deciding on what courses you want to pursue to continue your studies, perhaps you can consider going into these fields.

As for the top paying jobs in the remaining levels, it seems that a senior executive has a higher pay than a manager in the same or similar field. A senior executive in a science field/oil/gas/petroleum can earn up to RM28,250 while a manager in building/construction or oil/gas/petroleum only earns up to RM15,611.

Any vacancies in oil and gas, guys?
The survey also revealed six out of 10 employees in Malaysia intend to switch careers for a better salary or benefit package.

The average monthly wage in Malaysia also has a stark contrast across the spectrum, from people earning a minimum of RM800, to a maximum of RM83,333. Average Malaysians earn about RM5,000 per month.

So, where do you stand in this new study? Do you think you are earning as much as you should? If not, perhaps it’s a sign that you might want to start looking for a better job.

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