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This Time, the Haze Isn't From Indonesia

Oh no, not AGAIN.

This Time, the Haze Isn't From Indonesia
Damn, haze, back at it again with your polluted air. (Image:
Malaysians, especially those in Miri, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, had a rude surprise when they found themselves being blanketed by another bout of haze last week.

According to The Star, The Natural Resources and Environment Ministry made a statement last week that the haze is caused by several fires, not to mention the already existing heat wave. In case you were thinking that our neighbours in Indonesia are at fault—you would be mistaken. The Ministry also stated the transboundary haze is unlikely to happen because the country is still in the monsoon season.

The heat wave is predicted to last until this month. Temperatures reached dangerous levels this past month as some schools were forced to close, and a trainee cop died due to heatstroke.

The rise in temperature isn't an isolated case. In a data released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, last month was the hottest March in 137 years of record keeping. And not just that—the ice in Greenland melted so much and so rapidly this month that scientists thought the data was a mistake.
Greenland's ice sheet. (Image: 

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