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Six Places With The Best View To Catch The Meteor Shower In Malaysia This Weekend

Make sure your cameras and smartphones are fully charged!

Six Places With The Best View To Catch The Meteor Shower In Malaysia This Weekend
In case you didn’t know, the annual Perseid meteor shower is set to take place this weekend.

The best time to catch the meteor shower will be this Sunday at 1.30am.

You can view the spectacular astronomical ‘light show’ basically anywhere in Malaysia that has minimal light pollution or better yet, somewhere that’s completely dark.

According to The Star, it was recorded that approximately 150 to 200 meteors were sighted last year within an hour.

However, stargazers may find it a bit challenging to observe it this year due to the full moon. The National Space Agency has noted that we may only be able to view about 60 to 150 meteors per hour.

So, if you’re wondering where on Earth would be the best spot to catch this magnificent meteor occurrence, here are six best spots to go according to The Star.

#1 Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, Sabah

If the sunset looks this amazing, imagine watching the meteor shower!
This cape off Kudat is not only spectacular during the day but it will also be even more breathtaking during the night especially during the meteor shower.

#2 Kampung Teluk Pelanduk, Port Dickson

Simply breathtaking!
This spot is a fishing village located not far from the popular Lexis Hibiscus Resort. There are two jetties located at the shore so you can hang out there while stargazing. But remember, safety first! So be sure to be extra careful and bring a torch light just in case.

#3 Cameron Highlands, Pahang

Cool weather, cool view.
Believe it or not, this is in Cameron Highlands!
Now, what better way to view the meteor light show with your loved ones at a cooling location? Head on down to the road leading to the Boh Tea Estate for the best view.

#4 Pantai Malindo, Penang

Perfect lepak place.
Getting here might require a bit of perseverance and some adventure, as it might be hard to find even for the locals. The beach is located near Sungai Burong and is only accessible via Jalan Kuala Sungai Burong.

#5 Pulau Tioman, Pahang

Perfect beach getaway and stargazing spot!
Tioman Island at night may already be the perfect location to stargaze so this meteor shower will probably take the usual stargazing experience to another level. Head down to Kampung Lalang or Kampung Genting to get the best view.

#6 Kuala Selangor, Selangor

Who knew Pantai Remis can be so spectacular during the evening?
This is probably the most convenient location for those residing within the Klang Valley if you’d like to maximise your experience of watching this natural phenomenon. Pantai Remis and Pantai Redang Sekinchan are your go-to places for this weekend’s occasion.