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Rebirth: The Honda NSX is the Supercar of the Future

The NSX is finally in production after it was first announced way back in 2007.

Rebirth: The Honda NSX is the Supercar of the Future
Acura, meet Acura (Image: Honda)

The Honda NSX, or Acura NSX as it's known in America, is the only American-made supercar... for a Japanese company, led by an US-based team – globalisation at its finest. The project was based in Ohio and led by Ted Klaus who has been involved with the four-year birthing process of the supercar that we all know is going to make it into the Fast and Furious franchise any day now. Critics are already touting its superior technology and calling it the supercar of the future. So what's the big deal here? 

Image: Honda

It has an engine with three electric motors attached to it

It's called the Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (Sport Hybrid SH-AWD for short) and it's basically a twin-turbo 3.5-litre V6 engine in the middle with a 48hp electric motor mounted to it and twin 37hp motors on the front axle. On paper, the NSX launches forward with a whopping 581hp – that's 3 seconds to 100km/h with 645Nm of torque. 

Image: Honda

It's also classified as a silent EV

Unbelievable, but true, the NSX is a hybrid. It also has a Quiet mode function that closes the exhaust valves to keep noise levels down. It also starts like a hybrid, using the Direct Drive Motor in the Honda Insight, meaning you just turn it on like a PC and you're ready to go. 

Image: Honda

It has a nine-speed dual clutch transmission

Nine-speeds is perfect for Fast and Furious because they're always shifting from gear five to infinity on that show. On the inside you get a very familiar 'Honda-feel'. Good or bad, that's up to you. 

Say bye bye to your hopes of ever getting one. (Image: Honda)

It's not coming to Malaysia... maybe ever

Not unless you see police cars surrounding it around Putrajaya, we don't forsee anyone in Malaysia getting this baby into the country. Give us a call if you have one; give our lives some semblance of meaning.