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Russians Can Kiss Goodbye to Their 2016 Paralympic Dreams After Being Banned

“The Russian government has catastrophically failed their athletes.” – Sir Philip Craven

Russians Can Kiss Goodbye to Their 2016 Paralympic Dreams After Being Banned
Image: Alexei Druzhinin / AP
Russia is back in the spotlight once again after it was announced yesterday that the whole Russian contingent will be banned from competing at the 2016 Rio Paralympics. The Paralympic Games is scheduled to kick off next month. The ban was a result of findings from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) report by Professor Richard McLaren regarding a state-sponsored, organized doping across the Russian sports system.

International Paralympic Committee (IPC) president Sir Philip Craven dubbed the report as “one of the darkest days in the history of all sport.” He added that the actions by the Russians were a blow to “clean, fair, and honest sport.” “[The] Russian government has catastrophically failed their athletes. The medals over morals attitude disgusts me,” he said.

Russia was recently thrown on a lifeline after they were almost expelled from the Olympics due to the doping scandal. The decision was made just one day before the opening ceremony but was later retracted. It was said that no other team than Russia has been checked so thoroughly due to the doping scandal. A lot of sporting fans and athletes weren’t too happy over the lift and were disappointed that they will have to compete with Russian athletes that were previously tested positive.

Image: EPA
If you think the IPC had a tough call over the ban, the Russian athletes aren’t having the time of their lives at the Olympics either.  Yulia Efimova was greeted with boos at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium on Sunday when she came to in the preliminary heat of the 100m breaststroke which she placed first in her heat. She was one of the seven swimmers initially banned from the Olympics.

Yulia Efimova (Image: Michael Sohn/AP)
US swimmer, Lilly King, clearly isn’t a fan of Efimova. “You wave your finger ‘No.1’ and you’ve been caught drug cheating … I’m not a fan,” she told NBC. King won her heat and clocked in faster than Efimova. Both of them will swim it out during the 100m breaststroke finals. 

Lilly King (Image: Jimmy Rash/Cal Sport Media via AP Images)