The RM1,000 Penalty For Losing Your Passport Will Come Into Effect This Year

Imagine all the places you can go with that amount of money!

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The RM1,000 Penalty For Losing Your Passport Will Come Into Effect This Year
Last month, the Immigration Department proposed a steeper fine for those who lose their passports.

Those who lose their passport the first time will have to pay RM200, RM500 for the second time, and if you lose it more than two times, you’ll be forced to fork out a whopping RM1,000.

Here's the bad news for those of you who always lose your passport: Immigration Department director-general Datuk Seri Mustafar Ali told the New Straits Times that the penalty will most likely take effect this year.

According to Mustafar, the hefty fine is “not to punish Malaysians” but to “remind them to be more responsible of their passports.”

Last week, the Malaysian Customs Department came up with the statistics of lost passports from January to June this year.

The results showed that 31, 287 Malaysians have lost their passport so far.

Boy, that’s A LOT of missing passports.

Among the main reasons that attributed to this problem is Malaysians' carelessness in misplacing their passports.

Well, you better start taking mental and physical notes on where you are keeping them and eat memory-boosting supplements if you do not want to pay up to RM1,000 in the event that you lose it. We can probably go on four different vacations with that amount of money.

Do you agree with the government’s decision to impose stricter fines? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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