Did You Know That 1 In 5 Malaysian Companies Are Currently Owned By Women?

Interestingly, women make up more than 50% of the workforce as of 2015.

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Did You Know That 1 In 5 Malaysian Companies Are Currently Owned By Women?
The national Statistics Department has just released the latest Malaysian economic census and the report revealed some pretty interesting findings.

For one, it was discovered that one out of five Malaysian companies are currently owned by women!

According to the department’s Chief Statistician, Dr. Mohd Uzir Mahidin, 187,264 companies out of 920,624 active national establishments were led by females as of 2015.

Another positive progress worth noting in the study is that the number of female contribution to our nation’s economy rose from 19.2% (127,422 companies) in 2010 to 20.3% (187,264 companies) in 2015.

“This means women opened an average of 10,000 companies annually within the five year period,” Uzir told the New Straits Times.

The sector that grew the most was in agricultural, where women owned companies almost three times more in 2015 (1,541 companies) compared to 2010 (580 companies).

Uzir also noted that 51.4% of the workforce in 2015 was made up of women, putting them on track for the 2020 target.

The increase in women ownership may be attributed to the rising economic demands as well as the rise of independent women taking up responsibility roles to contribute not only to their households, but also towards the nation’s economic growth.

However, there are also those who chose to quit their professional careers to help raise their family. According to Uzir, these women should also be deemed as contributors to the economy and the nation's human capital development.

“Unlike before, there are women nowadays who opt to give up their professional jobs to raise the family as their husbands take on the duty of earning for the household.”

"They can be deemed as professional housewives who also contribute towards the nation's human capital development as they are taking time off to concentrate on their children or the next generation in Malaysia’s workforce.”

“It is also high time that the government looked to studying the economic contribution of homemakers because they too are participants in the economy,” he said.

This new finding shows very positive progress and illustrates that women, too, can contribute equally to the economy and are very capable of leading a company.

We hope to see more Malaysian women opening companies in the future and leading it to great success to gain recognition nationally and globally.

Here’s to girl power!

Who runs the world? Girls!

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