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New Fathers At CIMB Now Get One Month Of Paid Paternity Leave

Any father-to-be eyeing to join the group? Now's a good time.

New Fathers At CIMB Now Get One Month Of Paid Paternity Leave
Image: PropSocial
CIMB Bank Bhd celebrated Father’s Day on Sunday with a bang.
New fathers working in the banking group can now enjoy a one-month long paid paternity leave!
This enhanced employee benefit is an increase from the previous three-day paid paternity leave to 30 consecutive days according to the calendar.
CIMB said in a statement that this policy will allow working fathers to spend quality time with their newborn and share responsibilities with their spouses as parents.
It also goes in line with the bank’s current staff rejuvenation programme, which allows employees to take up to six months of unpaid leave for personal reasons, while keeping their current position at work. This includes extended maternity or paternity leave.
This is yet another initiative by CIMB to show how much the company values its employees and strives for work-life balance.
So any fathers-to-be looking to join CIMB? Better start submitting your resumes now!