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Uber And Grab Malaysia To Include SOS Buttons Linked To The Police In Their Apps

The SOS button is to ensure that passengers will be able to seek help in the event that they are in danger.

Uber And Grab Malaysia To Include SOS Buttons Linked To The Police In Their Apps
In an announcement made on Thursday by the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD), all e-hailing rides such as Uber and Grab will have to comply to the ministry’s request of installing a panic button linked directly to the police in their app.

SPAD chief executive officer, Mohd Azharuddin Mat Sah, said that this move is based on Uber India’s practice in ensuring their passenger’s safety.

“Uber for one has agreed on our terms. We have also stressed the need for them to do behavioural checks which includes background checks to see if they have a criminal record”, he told the New Straits Times.

According to the daily, a meeting was reportedly conducted between SPAD and the hailing-app providers to discuss the issue, and both parties agreed that these safety measures have to be introduced.

Not only that, the companies would also have to submit details of their drivers to SPAD beginning 16 June. A cross check with the police and the Road Transport Department will reportedly be conducted based on the information received.

The requirements made by SPAD will have to be fulfilled before they receive an all-clear to operate legally.

This decision came after the police received an increase in crime reports involving Uber and Grab drivers recently, including one involving a pregnant woman who was allegedly robbed and left by the roadside in Puchong on 21 May.