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Why Is No One Talking About the Maxis iValue Plans?

So MaxisOne plans get an upgrade. Now why not extend that to iValue plan users?

Why Is No One Talking About the Maxis iValue Plans?
Maxis, why you no value my plans?

So MaxisONE mobile users have already received the free 3GB data (with more to come). They also have a new mobile plan waiting for the customers. We only have one question for you:


Zoidberg doesn't understand this

This is the most recent iPhone 6s and 6s Plus 24 month contract:

The iPhone 6s/6s Plus 24 month contract | Image: SoyaCincau

The RM155 iValue 2 users seem to be the ones who are screwed over the most since the MaxisOne Plan users, who are paying RM158, will be upgraded from 5GB to 12GB! This leaves iValue 2 users paying RM155 but still only getting 4GB. By this (super straightforward) comparison that’s RM3 for 8GB. You can argue that contract buyers know what they’re getting into and it’s a risk you take. But if we’re going to argue about loyalty, we’d give it to people who signed a 24-month contract with you when they didn’t know any better.

"Damnit they're on to us" | Image: Maxis Facebook

What do you get for RM155 at Celcom, Digi, and U Mobile?

Digi More Internet Plan: For RM148 you get 14GB data, 500 minutes calls, 500 SMS.

Digi Postpaid More Internet | Image:

U Mobile Hero: For RM70 you get 15GB data, unlimited calls to all networks.

U Mobile Hero 70 Plan | Image:

Celcom First Gold: For RM80 you get 5GB weekend internet, 5GB monthly internet, unlimited call and SMS.

Celcom First Gold plan | Image: 

Here are some Twitter reactions from people who are feeling just a little bit ripped off:

In the video you emphasised fairness. But it doesn't seem at all fair that long-time subscribers get the short end of the stick when One Plan users can opt out whenever they like. We admit we don't fully understand the machinations that go into providing data services, but we're just calling it as we see it. And it seems as if iValue users are getting a very short end of the proverbial stick. We're getting the shaft basically. 

Lots of love, the Internet