Guess Which State Uses The Most Water In Malaysia

The consumption rate is pretty alarming, actually.

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Guess Which State Uses The Most Water In Malaysia
There's one state in Malaysia that's consuming water at a much higher rate compared to the national average - and it's not even close!

That state is none other than Penang.

According to a report by Free Malaysia Today, Penangites have consumed close to 286 liters per person daily in 2016.

That number is much higher compared to the national average of 209 litres per day and United Nations' recommendation of 165 litres daily.

Our neighbours Singapore, meanwhile, records a water usage of only 148 litres per person a day.

That's A LOT of water going to waste!

Its Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has one reason for the high water consumption: water in the state is too cheap!

Guan Eng told the news portal that Penangites are charged only 32 sen per liter for the first 35,000 litres per month, therefore they have no qualms about wasting a lot of water.

“Domestic water tariffs are so low that water is wasted.

“Such high domestic water consumption usage is unsustainable environmentally and financially," he was quoted as saying.

Oh, in case you were wondering, the state with the most expensive water tariff in Malaysia is Johor at RM1.32 per litre. 

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