Malaysians Living In Urban Areas May Enjoy Petrol Discounts In The Future

The discount issued by petrol station operators must receive approval from the ministry beforehand.

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Malaysians Living In Urban Areas May Enjoy Petrol Discounts In The Future
Image: K.E. Ooi/The Malay Mail Online
Last week, the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism confirmed that the government will be announcing new petrol prices on a weekly basis instead of the current monthly system.

The new system will come into effect this Wednesday, 29 March.

Following this announcement, the Petrol Dealers Association of Malaysia (PDAM) said that motorists living in urban areas will most likely get discounts from petrol station operators for promotional purposes once the new system kicks off, according to a report from The Star.

PDAM President Datuk Khairul Annuar Abdul Aziz told the news portal that the discounts would be in line with the government’s rules and regulations.

It is up to the petrol station operators to either follow the new ceiling price or offer cheaper petrol prices, provided they have been granted approval from the ministry beforehand, he added.

So far, no definite answer can be given by PDAM as to how much discount will be offered because the petrol station operators have yet to be briefed about the new mechanism.

“We don’t know how much discount we can apply for and for how long – whether we can apply for the whole year, just once, or for a short period,” Khairul told The Star.

What about motorists living in rural areas? Can they enjoy the petrol discount too?

Khairul explained that rural station operators would not be able to do so because of their lower sales volume. Some of these operators only make a monthly profit of between RM4,000 and RM6,000.

“An operator who is allocated 300,000 litres of petrol a month and offers a one-sen discount would see his profit go down by RM3,000. If they give a two-sen discount, they will be finished as they will have no income,” he was quoted as saying.

Most petrol operators are still in the dark about the new system as they do not have a clear picture on how the new system will work.

Just only two days away until the new price mechanism comes into full force, petrol station operators are reportedly still anxiously waiting for some form of directive from the government. 

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