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Chatime Malaysia is Closing. Go Out and Enjoy Your Final Cups of Chatime

The first 'casualtea' of 2017.

Chatime Malaysia is Closing. Go Out and Enjoy Your Final Cups of Chatime

Yep, it's the end of the line for Chatime Malaysia. 

The bubble tea fad was turned into a staple diet when Chatime was brought into the mainstream consciousness of Malaysians by the master of the "frowning-for-the-camera-while-holding-a-cup-of-tea", Bryan Loo. 
This guy.
Yes, the master frowner, nope sorry, master franchisee of the Chatime brand in Malaysia, Loob Holding Sdn Bhd, is moving towards creating its own brand for its 165 outlets following the termination of its franchise by franchisor La Kaffa International Co Ltd. 

La Kaffa would take over the Malaysian business operations and development of Chatime but all of the 165 Chatime outlets would still be operated by Loob Holding. Bryan Loo and his management team are now in the process of creating their own brand to replace the Chatime branded outlets they have in hand. Presumably via collective frowning. 

"How do I turn my frown upside down?"
In accordance to the franchise agreement, all outlets are to cease the use of Chatime branding within 45 days. We're not sure when those 45 days started but we're guessing you don't have a lot of time left on your hands. Mr. Loo, if you're going to retain all the knowledge you've received from Chatime and create a new bubble tea sensation might we offer a suggestion for a new name? Ready? Teatime. Boom. 

What's your favourite Chatime drink? What will you miss most about Chatime?