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Two Ships Collided and 300 Tonnes of Oil Was Spilled

Two container vessels have collided off Pasir Gudang port in Johor, leading to approximately 300 tonnes of bunker oil spill.

Two Ships Collided and 300 Tonnes of Oil Was Spilled
Image: Hakai Magazine
Two container vessels rammed into each other off the Pasir Gudang Port on Tuesday night, resulting in a massive oil spill. Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) said it was notified by the Johor Port Authority (JPA) of a collision between Singapore-registered container vessel Wan Hai 301 and Gibraltar-registered container vessel APL Denver, which transpired at about 11.50pm on Tuesday.
Image: Malaysiakini
In a statement, MPA said the master of APL Denver reported that one of the vessel’s bunker tanks sustained damage, causing a leakage of about 300 tonnes of oil.

JPA has deployed four anti-pollution crafts and an oil boom to contain the oil spill. MPA however, has activated eight anti-pollution crafts with dispersant spraying capabilities to clean up the oil. Some oil patches were spotted in Singapore, with the spillage contained off the western of Pulau Ubin. “There have been no reports of injury. Traffic in the East Johor Straits and Singapore’s port operations remains unaffected,” MPA said, adding that it will also inspect the cause of the collision.
Image: New Straits Times
There has been no report of injury and traffic in the East Johor Straits and Singapore's port operations remain unaffected, MPA said.