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Recent Survey Reveals That Malaysian Fresh Grads Demand Up to RM6.5K Salary

The unrealistic demand has caused a large number of fresh grads to be unemployed.

Recent Survey Reveals That Malaysian Fresh Grads Demand Up to RM6.5K Salary
Image: National University of Singapore
Each year, our local universities and colleges churn out thousands of fresh graduates from all sorts of fields. Getting your first job may be exciting but at the same time nerve-wrecking especially when it comes answering the question – “how much is your expected salary?” A recent survey has some shocking revelations about this. It is revealed that Malaysian fresh graduates demand up to RM6,500 for their first job.

The study was conducted by last month, which also uncovered the reasons why fresh graduates don’t get hired by employers. According to regional communications head Simon Si, there are a lot of factors that cause fresh grads to be turned down by future employers, and the reason that tops the list is – 68% of fresh graduates are asking for unrealistic salaries. From that amount, 60% of them are expecting a starting salary of RM3,500 while 30% demand up to a staggering amount of RM6,500!

Among the other reasons cited were poor command of English, being picky about the job or company, poor communication skills, and poor character, attitude, and personality. Si added that external factors such as parents’ financial support, which exposed them to a high standard of lifestyle during student life and the rising cost of living also contributed to their unrealistic demands. The findings were presented yesterday at the launch of the JobStreet.Com Salary Guide at the Multimedia University (MMU) Cyberjaya, Selangor.