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This Survey Revealed 52% Malaysians are Unhappy with Their Jobs. Here’s WHY

The results may surprise you.

This Survey Revealed 52% Malaysians are Unhappy with Their Jobs. Here’s WHY
Every day, millions of Malaysians from all walks of life go to work to help them sustain a better life. Some may be looking forward to their jobs while others may be at the other end of the spectrum and are just doing it for the sake of surviving. Recently, conducted a survey among 5,200 respondents on their satisfaction level at their workplace. The result isn’t what you’ll expect, as 52% of Malaysians have admitted that they are unhappy with their jobs.

Among the 52%, a large number of employees have very high levels of discontentment and gave their job rating a one, on a scale from one to 11, where 11 stands for extreme satisfaction. The remaining percentage however, felt either neutral (23%) or truly gratified, and have a high sense of appreciation and pride of their jobs (25%).

The findings also provided some alarming reasons as to why most Malaysians aren’t happy with their jobs. Among the top three reasons cited were: management and leadership team (23%), opportunities for career development (21%), and boss or immediate superior (20%).
The data obtained also showed that most employees feel that their current state of gloom will least likely change within the next six months. When asked what they are going to do to about it, 29% answered that the solution that would end their ‘misery’ is to seek for a new job while 25% are willing to stay under the condition that they get a salary increment.

Perhaps it’s time that some organisations start restructuring their management and listening to their employees. After all, a good leader will motivate its employees to perform better, which in turn will increase productivity for the company. What do you think of these findings? Are YOU happy with your job?