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This Malaysian Gives up RM44,500 Down Payment for a House to a Stranger and Left him a Note Instead

If you ever need a reminder that there's good in the world, read this story.

This Malaysian Gives up RM44,500 Down Payment for a House to a Stranger and Left him a Note Instead
Lee Hui Sen and his family were supposed to be the proud owners of a new home. A bank had auctioned off a foreclosed home and Mr. Lee won the bid, depositing RM44,500. It was a good day. With anticipation and expectation he visited the house that he would soon call a home. What he saw when he arrived at the property however, changed his mind. 

He saw a home. He saw the footprints of a family that had already taken root there. He saw the trees that had grown tall on the grounds, the result of the home owner's toil. He saw the flowers blooming in abundance and most importantly, he saw the budding fruits of a new family, he saw children's clothes hanging out to dry. 

Mr. Lee thought about the fear they must have felt, knowing that someone was going to kick them out of their home. He thought about the brave front the parents in this house must have put in front of their children and empathised with them. Leaving the home, Mr. Lee had determined that he would not be the cause for further suffering and decided to do what he could to help this family. 

Before leaving the property, Mr. Lee wrote a letter apologising for purchasing the home and wished them well. He explained that he would lose the RM44,500 deposit he put on the home. But he also told them that that money is now theirs. 

The New Straits Times reports that the family in the home had taken a loan of about RM200,000 some 15 years back and they've managed to pay the loan for the past 13 years before the father in the family lost his job. The letter from which this story is from was posted on Facebook earlier and can be found below.
If you've ever doubted the kindness of strangers, this is the story for you.