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Muslims Allowed to Wish 'Merry Christmas' Says FT Mufti

An activist with conservative Muslim group Isma said in December 2014 that it was not proper for Muslims to greet Christians 'Merry Christmas'.

Muslims Allowed to Wish 'Merry Christmas' Says FT Mufti
In a report by The Malay Mail, Federal Territories Mufti Datuk Dr Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri said that Muslims are permitted by their faith to wish Christians "Merry Christmas".

He cited the Muzakarah National Fatwa Committee Council in Islamic Affairs’ 78th meeting in 2007 that had concluded that sending greetings through cards, emails or text messages to non-Muslims during their festive seasons was permissible, as long as such greetings did not glorify non-Muslim faiths or use religious symbols. It can be understood that the Merry Christmas greeting is permissible when it is a congratulatory expression on the celebration of other faiths without glorifying their religion.

"It’s no more than a mere greeting to express happiness and enjoyment upon seeing the happiness of those celebrating,” according to a statement he released on the official website for the offices of the Federal Territories Mufti.

Ironically, this is in contrast to the views of Americans who feel "Happy Holidays" is a better greeting because not everyone celebrates Christmas, and "Happy Holidays" is a better and all inclusive greeting that can be said to anyone in your social circle. Last year, Starbucks pushed the controversy against Christmas further by issuing a plain red cup for Christmas, removing any Christmas-themed decorations on their cup, seemingly as part of an all-inclusive initiative. Stephen Colbert addressed the issue perfectly in this video done last year for the Colbert Report.

At least we know it's safe to say it and receive it over here in Malaysia.