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10 Dead, 27 Injured, Including 2 Malaysians in Jordan Castle Shootout

20 Malaysian tourists were at the Karak Castle when the shooting took place.

10 Dead, 27 Injured, Including 2 Malaysians in Jordan Castle Shootout
Image: I Love Cyc Nails YouTube
It was just another normal day for any tourist visiting the historical Karak Castle in Jordan. But yesterday, their trip to one of the largest crusader’s castles in history will probably be the most unforgettable trip of their lives – for all the wrong reasons. A group of armed men stormed the castle and opened fire at random, unsuspecting victims.

Al Jazeera reported that a total of 10 people have been killed including security officers, local civilians, and a Canadian tourist. 27 others, including two Malaysians, sustained injuries due to the attack. Jordan’s security forces have also managed to shoot four unidentified attackers. No party has claimed responsibility for the attack so far.

Wisma Putra in a statement today, said that a total of 20 Malaysian tourists were present during the shoot out and have been rescued and brought to safety by the Jordan security forces. The local authorities are providing them shelter and assistance while the other two Malaysians who were injured have received treatment at a local hospital and are reportedly in a stable condition.

The Malaysian embassy in Amman, Jordan has issued a reminder to all Malaysians, especially to Mu'tah University students near Bandar Karak, to adhere to all the security orders issued by the government and the embassy.

If you know anyone involved in the shooting and are unable to contact them, you may try reaching out to Wisma Putra at 03-8000 8000 for more information.