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8th Zika Case in Malaysia Confirmed

The deadly virus continues to widen its nets in Malaysia.

8th Zika Case in Malaysia Confirmed
Image: Mike Segar
Actually, since the Zika virus first appeared on our shores in September, we're surprised there hasn't been a full-blown, apocalypse level rate of infection in Malaysia – given our status as the Aedes breeding ground of the world (not an actual fact). 

The eighth victim, a 67-year-old man, sought treatment at Tangling Clinic on Nov 30 after suffering from fever, nausea and diarrhoea for two days.The blood-screening test did not have any significant findings, with the man receiving symptomatic treatment and advised to return if the symptoms worsened.

On Dec 1, the patient returned with joint and muscle pain. A test for dengue proved negative and the case was reported to the district health office for suspected dengue, with the patient requested to return each day to monitor blood test results. His blood and urine samples were then sent to the National Public Health Laboratory and the Institute for Medical Research respectively and both samples tested positive for Zika.

The patient's travel history from Nov 14 to 28 showed that he was in and around Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam and Perak. His closest family members have undergone checks, with blood and urine samples taken for a Zika screening test as soon as the results were known.

Checks on his area of residence have already been made and his neighbours are also being screened for symptoms of the Zika virus. In the light of water disruptions that have turned many Malaysians bat-crap crazy this past week, the handling of Zika on our shores paints an effective and efficient side to Malaysia that popular media outlets rarely espouse.

At least we know most of us will be safe during the zombie apocalypse. And it's not just because half the population of Malaysia is obese.