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Twitter Accidentally Removed '@' Symbol in Replies

If you noticed the missing symbol in your tweet mentions, you weren't the only one.

Twitter Accidentally Removed '@' Symbol in Replies
Earlier today, Twitter accidentally rolled out an update for iOS that removed the conventional ‘@’ symbols in tweet mentions and replies. So if you noticed the missing symbol, your eyes weren’t playing tricks on you.
This update was meant as an experiment to remove using the symbol as Twitter’s conventional username signifier in replies so that usernames no longer count in the character limit. The social media company once announced a similar feature back in May but was never officially released for some reason. Twitter has since reversed this latest iOS update.
According to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, the company wants to take away some of the confusing aspects of its service, calling it “this weird syntax that kind of looks janky”. We’re not sure how long will Twitter take to develop this feature, so we shall anticipate it to probably return in a different form in the near future.