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Nestle Found A Way to Cut Sugar in Chocolate by 40%

And apparently, it will still taste just as good!

Nestle Found A Way to Cut Sugar in Chocolate by 40%
Image: Business Insider
KitKat lovers soon won’t have to struggle with the dilemma of jeopardising their health with their chocolate cravings because Nestle has found a way to reduce the amount of sugar in chocolate without affecting the taste! The company’s scientists discovered a breakthrough method to structure sugar differently and cut it by 40%.
Image: Nestle
Nestle revealed that they have patented the findings and will start implementing this new formula across its products from 2018 onwards and gradually reduce its sugar content. The Swiss food giant claimed that this new structure dissolves sugar more quickly and yet is able to trick our tastebuds in terms of sweetness.
According to Professor Julian Cooper, chair of the Scientific Committee at the Institute of Food Science and Technology, Nestle's development is important. "This is good science. A lot of people have been looking at sugar, trying to reduce the amount." He also added that this would give Nestle products that use the adapted sugar the "halo effect" that makes people think they can eat more.
Image: YouTube
Nestle first introduced its global policy on sugar reduction in 2007 and has since been cutting sugar in its products. The company has also applied a similar technique in ice cream, producing Dreyer’s with a slow-churned method that reduces fat by half and calories by a third. They are attempting to apply the restructuring method to salt as well and may consider licensing the technology to other companies.

Here's to a guilt free-ish chocolate treat!