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Malaysia is Getting Its First Ever Pokemon Café!

Our Pokemon trainer (foodie) dreams are coming true! Gotta Eat 'Em All!

Malaysia is Getting Its First Ever Pokemon Café!
The first ever Pokemon Café is set to open in Malaysia and it is not an imitation or poorly copied version of the original, but fully licensed! It will open in Mid Valley Megamall soon and if you love collecting Pokemon plush toys, Pokemon-inspired stationery and more, then there will be some cool items available at the café as well. 
Image: The Malaysian Times
Opening Date: 23rd November 2016
Time: 11am
Venue: 1st Floor, AEON Mid Valley

The concept of the Pokemon Café is comparable to the ones in Japan. It will be a Pokemon-themed café with your favourite characters portrayed in its food and design. There will also be official Pokemon merchandise available for purchase at the café. While the details of the café are pretty scarce at the moment, it will not be a knock-off eatery, and we are already thrilled to hear that.

When the Pokemon Café opened in Singapore earlier this year, there was a five-hour queue on opening day at Bugis Junction. Hundreds turned up in the morning as they waited in line for the opening of Singapore’s first Pokemon-themed café. Inspired by a similar pop-up in Japan’s Shibuya district that proved wildly popular, the café featured 13 food and drink items on its menu with Pikachu as the main character. 
Image: The Malaysian Times
If the café in Singapore is of any indication of what is to come for Malaysia, expect to look forward to dishes like the Pikachu Smiling Rice Omelette with Magma Sauce that comes with a Pokeball mug, Pikachu’s “Thunder Shock” Parfait and Pikachu Latte. 
Image: The Hive Asia
This is the first official Pokemon café in Malaysia and we are sure that there will be many individuals going to visit this café. Whether you are a Pokemon fan or not, this is a magical place you must visit! 
Image: SHOUT