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BREAKING: New Zealand hit with Tsunami after 7.5-magnitude Earthquake

The earthquake struck near Hanmer in the South Island but was felt across New Zealand.

BREAKING: New Zealand hit with Tsunami after 7.5-magnitude Earthquake
Image: RadioNZ/ Twitter @dickbicknell
According to a report by the BBC, the tsunami arrived in the north-eastern coast about two hours after the 7.5-magnitude earthquake that hit 95km from Christchurch. Officials said the first waves may not be the largest, with tsunami activity possible for several hours. Residents were warned to head inland or for higher ground along the coast. 

The Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management (MCDEM) has been frequently updating their Twitter account and they have posted a detailed tsunami map: Facebook has also mobilised allowing you to check-in to confirm your safety during the earthquake and the aftershocks. 

The Civil Defence has warned that a destructive tsunami is possible on the country's east coast and that there is a land threat with waves of up to two metres. Waves may continue for several hours. 

RadioNZ has a live update of the events. Right now, Wellington inner city residents have left their homes to safer areas in the city. Follow their page for more on this story. 


There are reports of several power outages throughout the city and images are pouring in on Twitter with residents posting images of the damage. 
Image: Twitter @ dickbicknell

If you have family members in New Zealand you can check in on them at Facebook here. Also follow the Civil Defence's Twitter for the latest updates here