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This Lady Had an Unfortunate Incident with a Peeping Tom at a Petrol Station in Kajang

Beware, the culprit is still on the loose.

This Lady Had an Unfortunate Incident with a Peeping Tom at a Petrol Station in Kajang
Image: Wahida Zainal
As a woman, travelling anywhere possesses a risk for us especially if you’re alone. Almost every day we hear cases of woman being attacked, robbed, molested, etc. Just recently, a case of two university students who were allegedly molested by a lawyer whilst waking back to their condominium angered netizens and went viral. It seems that no matter where you are or who you’re with, as a lady, you’d have to constantly be extra vigilant because you may never know what could happen next.

Yesterday, a Facebook user by the name of Wahida Zainal uploaded a CCTV footage to her account and posted her encounter with a peeping tom at a petrol station in Kajang. The unfortunate incident took place at 8.45pm, last Wednesday.

Wahida said she had a “bad feeling” as she walked into the public toilet. A few minutes later, she was shocked to see a man’s head emerging from the top of her toilet cubicle looking at her. She screamed her lungs out and called for help.  Unfortunately, no one heard her pleas of distress. She was so shaken and afraid that the man might harm her if she steps outside, so she decided to stay in her cubicle and broke down into tears.

A good Samaritan suddenly appeared and asked her what had happened. Apparently, the lady was in another toilet next door when she heard Wahida’s screams. The culprit left the ladies’ toilet shortly after she started screaming.  After checking that the man is nowhere to be seen, both ladies then exited the bathroom cautiously.

Wahida’s husband went back to the toilet upon hearing her spine-chilling story to see if the perpetrator is still lurking around. The couple later lodged a police report and got hold of the petrol’s station CCTV footage. (Thank God they have a few CCTV around the station!)

Wahida and her husband (Image: Loqman Hakim Tawil Facebook)
To date, her Facebook posting has received over 1.4 million views and over 50,000 shares. Thousands of Malaysians flocked her Facebook page to extended their deepest sympathy and were outraged that such incident had took place. Some suggested that anyone who wishes to use the petrol station’s restrooms to be accompanied by their husbands or family members. Others expressed their fear of using the public restrooms especially at night.

No news whether the culprit has been found or not, but this incident is another reminder that we should always look out for one another and constantly be aware of our surroundings. Stay safe, guys.