Soon Malaysians Can Lodge Police Reports via Their Smartphones

You can even file a report in the comfort of your own home!

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Soon Malaysians Can Lodge Police Reports via Their Smartphones
Image: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg
It seems that Malaysia is moving forward with the advancements of technology by digitalising part of its government services. Malaysians can now anticipate a new system from the government that enables users to lodge police reports via their smartphones.

Deputy Home Minister, Datuk Nur Jazlan, today announced that this new system will allow people to submit police reports without having to be physically present at the police station. "They can just file a police report via their mobile phone or their computers from home," he said.

Image: NST
The police and the Attorney-General's Chambers are currently in talks to resolve legal issues over the system. Among the problems encountered in developing the system, according to Nur Jazlan, is the issue of verifying the identity of the complainant. "On paper, complainant can just sign the report at the station. For an online report, we need to ensure that a digital signature is legally accepted," he said.

Previously, JAIS also adopted a similar approach after launching an app that allows users to lodge reports of syariah crimes. The app has received mixed reactions from the public.

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