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Donald Trump and Our PM Are Golfing Buddies

Just calm down everybody. Our Prime Minister is already a few strokes ahead of the game.

Donald Trump and Our PM Are Golfing Buddies
It seems as if we're off to a good start in the international relations department following the victory of Republican candidate Donald Trump as President of the United States. BBC's SEA Correspondent tweeted that our PM and Donald are golfing buddies and that our PM has a signed photo of them both on his desk with the words "To my favourite PM". Bet you call all the PMs you meet your favourites, you ol' charmer you. 
Just yesterday, our PM wrote a blog post on congratulating Mr. Trump and warned politicians to never take voters for granted. He also pointed out that the "America First" approach to his campaigning has won Donald the election. He signed off the post by saying that he looks forward to meeting him again soon. Is that the sound of a budding bromance in the offing?

Malaysia has only had a Facebook-friends kind of relationship with the US in the past and with the Department of Justice investigating 1MDB, it's unclear if President Trump will step in and if this pre-established relationship will help or hurt our PM. Mr. Trump's next 100 days are crucial and will set the tone for the next four years of his presidency and we hope he'll be as 'presidential' as he promised in his campaign.