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People (Malaysians Included) are Mourning Donald Trump's New Presidency

Some are even comparing his win to Brexit.

People (Malaysians Included) are Mourning Donald Trump's New Presidency
Images: Politicus USA & National Post via AP
Just a few minutes ago, history was made – Donald Trump won the election and is now America’s new president. The whole world watched anxiously for the past few hours after the billionaire began to lead the election, leaving Hillary Clinton far behind. Each candidate needed 270 electoral votes to win the presidency and Trump eventually made his dream come true after securing 276 seats as compared to Clinton, who had 218.

The whole world reacted strongly towards his win, with a vast majority of them clearly upset and fearing for their futures. Some concluded that the “American dream” was over. Some even compared his win to Hitler’s rise to power.
Britons, who previously had their fair share of political instabilitly following Brexit, also expressed their disappointment via Twitter.
It seems that a large number of Malaysians have expressed interest in the US elections. Most of them are quite saddened with the news of Trump's new presidency.
Malaysian songstress, Yuna, who is currently based in the States was also affected by the election. Fans flocked her Twitter account urging her to "stay strong" and come "back home".
Well, whatever happens, we hope Americans (and the rest of the world) will eventually accept that Donald Trump will be running America for the next few years.

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