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‘Psychic’ Fish is the Next Sensation to Try Its Luck at Predicting the US’ Presidency

After Paul the Octopus’ demise back in 2010, it looks like we’ve got a new successor.

‘Psychic’ Fish is the Next Sensation to Try Its Luck at Predicting the US’ Presidency
Image: Arun Sankar/AFP
Today is the day millions of Americans will make history as they come out to vote for their next president. It’s clear that in this election, most Americans are divided between #TeamHillary and #TeamTrump, while the remaining were either unimpressed with the selection of candidates or couldn’t be bothered. Just take a look at the US’ former president, George W. Bush, who actually voted "none of the above". Heck, there were even votes for Harambe, the gorilla who was put down in a Cincinnati zoo a few months back.
As they wait in full anticipation and anxiety, Americans took to various social media platforms to express their views. Via the hashtag #ElectionNight that’s trending on Twitter, it appears that everyone is now suddenly a political analysist.
Americans aside, it’s safe to say that everyone around the world is also observing the election and making their predictions. By everyone, we mean animals too. Apparently, a ‘psychic’ fish from India has predicted that Donald Trump will win the election just merely hours before Americans head to the polls.

The fish named Chanakya II, a flowerhorn cichlid fish, was given three chances to choose between two floating sticks bearing a photo of Trump and Clinton. The fish, which is known for its dominant feature on its forehead, swam all three times towards the Republican candidate. His predecessor, Chanakya I, was hugely popular for accurately forecasting winners in football and cricket matches in India.

Image: Arun Shankar/AFP
At the time of posting, Hilary Clinton is trailing behind Donald Trump with 209 while the businessman is leading with 232. Tensions are at a high as Americans decide their fate, and only time will tell who will be Obama’s next successor. If Trump eventually wins, maybe sceptics will believe Chanakya is really a psychic or that it just got lucky.