Is This the Future for Digital Companies in Malaysia?

Since our PM will be meeting Jack Ma today, here's a glimpse at what your future could be like.

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Is This the Future for Digital Companies in Malaysia?
You could say they were... sleeping on the job
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is scheduled to meet the founder of Alibaba Group, Jack Ma, on his visit to China and it was touted as the highlight of his trip. Today is the last day of the meet and by now our PM's brain juices must be swimming with ideas of how to boost our digital economy – as it's identified in Budget 2017 as the long-term strategy to boost our economy. 

Last year on 11th of November, or Singles Day in China, Alibaba's online retail sites grossed sales of over US$14.3 billion (RM60 billion) – in one day. The day for singles somehow became a day for online sales and Alibaba has milked every last drop of the loneliness of strangers online and funneled it into the healthy habit of online shopping resulting in the insane amount of US$14.3 billion. That's more than what Facebook's revenue was in 2015. 

How did they achieve this? And how can Malaysians expect to achieve this?

Sales of over RM60 billion in one day doesn't happen by accident. 10,000 workers apparently spent all night in the office to facilitate with sales and with any issues that may arise. Eight sales drills were scheduled ahead of the sale on 11th November and staff made sure to respond to any issue within one minute and to provide updates within five. Here are pictures of what it actually looked like last year. 

If you're in e-commerce, we salute you. Say "hello" to your future. Just an average day... 

Continued by an average nap...

A nap in the parking lots...

And naps in the conference rooms. We're kidding of course, these are tents for employees to sleep in at work so that they can be on-call 24 hours during the sale.

To their credit, Red Bull and fruits were in unlimited supply and four meals were provided throughout the day.

Granted this is a one-day affair in one year. But suppose your boss sets every day sales targets that are insanely high. Suppose your boss generates targets using zoo animals and whatever tasty treats might attract them. Also suppose that your target deadlines are made by drawing names out of a hat and dividing the amout of letters in that name by 12 and multiplying that number by 2 and subtracting 1.5. In this world, you're going to need all the advice Jack Ma and Alibaba can give you. Hopefully our benevolent leader will visit Sweden next where they have six-hour work weeks and take a cue from them instead.

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