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Goodbye McDonald's Perak, You'll Be Missed

Another one bites the dust...

Goodbye McDonald's Perak, You'll Be Missed
Image: Instagram @vickychan0826
Yes, the first McDonald's in Ipoh is shuttering after 30 years of service to the community. The sugar and carb dispenser on Jalan Mustapha Al-Bakry is set to close its doors on 30 November. That's 29 days to load up on all your carbo needs and relive all your days of playing hooky.

Malaysians on Instagram have given their eulogies and we've captured some of them here:



#ipoh #ipohcity #ipohnightlife #ipohawesome #mcd #goodbye 🍔🍟

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Questions are coming up as well regarding what will take its place and why it had to shut down in the first place. The McD's in the city centre is an important landmark and has become the anchor point for giving directions. Whatever takes its place will have to fill the big red shoes of that killer (diet) clown and be a worthy replacement for such a beloved establishment.

It's going to be the most popular selfie spot in Perak in the next month so head there now and say your peace. While you're there, order a McFlurry with Milo for us. Oh, they don't sell that anymore? Oh well, yeah go ahead, just close it down.