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Believe It or Not, This Woman Bought a House with 20 iPhones Gifted by Her Boyfriends!

Some say she’s a con artist, others think she’s a genius.

Believe It or Not, This Woman Bought a House with 20 iPhones Gifted by Her Boyfriends!
Image: Denys Prykhodov
Everyone longs to have a place to call home that they bought with their own hard-earned cash. But given the tumbling economy and our deflating currency, what lengths are you willing to go through in order to purchase your own property? Will you accept the government’s proposition for the rakyat to do #2kerja to help lessen your financial burden? Will you take out another loan to help materialise your dream? Well, for one woman in China, she solved this modern-day problem by selling the most coveted smartphone to date: the iPhone7.

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She sold a whopping 20 units of iPhones that she received from her 20 boyfriends. Yes, you heard it, TWENTY. While some people out there are struggling to get a boyfriend for years (like some of us in the office), this lady has 20 guys chasing after her. Walaoweh, we wonder what lucky charm she is using.

The story was picked up by BBC after it was posted on a popular Chinese forum, Tian Ya Yi Du, by a user going by the pseudonym ‘Proud Qiaoba’.

Proud Qiaoba wrote about her colleague, Xiaoli (not her real name), who asked her group of boyfriends to buy her the iPhone7 when it was launched. Xiaoli, who hails from Shenzen then sold all 20 phones to a mobile phone recycling site called Hui Shou Bao for 115,010 yuan (RM71,190) before paying the deposit for a house in the countryside. BBC has confirmed that the company had indeed purchased 20 iPhones from a woman in early October.

Xiaoli’s friends were shocked after she showed them the house, causing them to question her ability to obtain such large amount of money. It was only then she revealed the truth.

Image: Reuters
"Everyone in the office is talking about this now," wrote Proud Qiaoba. "Who knows what her boyfriends think now this news has become public."

Proud Qiaoba also revealed that Xiaoli “is not from a wealthy family” as her mother is only a housewife while her father is a migrant worker. Her parents are getting older and she may have gave in to the pressure of buying them a house but Proud Qiaoba still can’t believe she used this method to do so.

The story has spread rapidly like fire on China’s popular micro-blogging site Sina Weibo. Netizens were impressed by her audacity and admired her smart move. Others on the other hand, criticised her for being someone who is so tak malu.

Gif: Giphy
So, what do you think of this lady's move? Will anyone in Malaysia try to attempt the same thing? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.