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Water Supply to be Reinstated in Five Areas by Today

When will this whole water debacle come to an end?

Water Supply to be Reinstated in Five Areas by Today
Image: Malay Mail Online
Selangor residents are currently living in a nightmare ever since problems pertaining to water disruptions took place for the third time within the span of a month. The Sungai Semenyih plant was closed again last week and affected 456 areas. It is said that the frequent disruption and latest river contamination were due to a sabotage. The Selangor state government also claims to have substantial evidence of the irresponsible act.

Those who weren’t prepared for the disruption had to rely on water supplied by the tankers until the issue was dissolved. A number of affected areas have already had their water supply restored by the end of last week and it is expected that another five areas will also get their supply fully restored by today.

Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (Syabas) in a statement yesterday confirmed that the five areas that’ll be reinstated are Batu 9 Kebun Baru, Taman Dato Hormat, Kampung Sungai Kelambu, Taman Bukit Semenyih and Taman Desa Kenanga.

Efforts to increase water pressure and stabilise water distribution are still underway. In the meantime, areas that are still affected by the disruption will have their water supplied through tankers. For more information on the water crisis, head on down to Syabas’ website to get updates. You can also read our handy guide on how to survive the Selangor water crisis in seven smart ways to help you during these tough times.