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Michelin Star Chicken Rice Now Starting a Franchise

Lines of endless customers are set to move to another location, three minutes away.

Michelin Star Chicken Rice Now Starting a Franchise
Chan Hon Meng and Harry Chua, chairman of Hersing Culinary (Image:
In September, we wrote about Chan Hon Meng and his quest for global domination with his Michelin starred chicken rice. In the report, we mentioned that he was looking for the one, a partner who understood his needs and could give him what he wanted – a chance at starting his own international franchise like KFC. Back then, he had his eyes on Tim Ho Wan and Din Tai Fung. Now, we can confirm that he has given his rose to Hersing Culinary, the company which owns the franchising rights to Hong Kong's Tim Ho Wan. 

"I'm very happy to find the right partner," he says in a report by The Star. "It's important that they are very enthusiastic about the food and beverage industry and they put their customers first." 

Their first act together as newly-partnered foodies is to open Hawker Chan: a 2000 sq ft, 80-seater restaurant with air-conditioning and sit-down dining. Prices are estimated to go up from the reasonable SG$2.50 (RM7.50). We're going to predict the future and say it's going to be priced at SG$5 (RM15) from now on. This is not an educated guess but a blind-fired shot in the dark. If we're right, please cite us in your article. Something along the lines of: "Rojak Daily hires seance", "Writer from Rojak Daily predicts price-hike" or "Blame price-hike on Rojak Daily". All good options. 

As for the original hawker stall, his wife and family members will continue to run it while he oversees operations at both outlets. Pricing will remain the same.  

If you're Malaysian and this news doesn't concern you at all, why not read our own list of 5 Malaysian restaurants that we think deserve a Michelin Star. Number five on that list is Toast and Roast in SS2. Check it out if you agree, and drop us emails telling us why we're fools if you don't agree.