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Form Five Students Invented a Flood Warning System That Won the National Innovation Award

With it, motorists can be alerted about flood and which affected roads to avoid.

Form Five Students Invented a Flood Warning System That Won the National Innovation Award
Image: The Star
What were you up to when you were 17? 

This group of 17-year-old students from MARA Junior Science College (MRSM) Taiping created an invention that won them an award at the National Innovation Award (AIN) 2016!
The frequent flash floods that have been occurring around the country inspired the students’ invention, the ‘Float Over’ or ‘FO-ver’. It is a system that warns motorists of floods and helps them avoid affected roads.
The students produced a prototype for the FO-ver after brainstorming for two months. The invention has three cylinders arranged like a Russian nesting doll. When flood water levels rise, the cylinders will move up and LED lights sitting on top will light up as a warning.
One of the team members, Alif Imran Zabri, became particularly interested in flood issues after encountering one of Malaysia’s worst floods in Kelantan two years ago. Back then, he noticed a stalling car at the side of the road and felt that there should be preventive measures. Thanks to Alif Imran’s idea, the students won RM10,000 and a trophy for the school category!
AIN is an annual event organised by the Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry to recognise local inventors who produce creative and innovative products and services. Not only will the winners be acknowledged by the nation, the government will also help commercialise the innovations and get them copyright and patents.

So if you have a clever invention idea, don't keep it locked in your bedroom. Start creating!