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Former PKR Candidate Shot Dead in Miri, Sarawak

The bullet was shot through the driver's window of his pick-up truck.

Former PKR Candidate Shot Dead in Miri, Sarawak
Astro Awani reported earlier today that the PKR candidate for the Bekenu state seat in Sarawak's state election last month, Bill Kayong, was shot dead at about 9am this morning in Miri. The incident took place near the Emart One-Stop Shopping Mall in Senadin, Miri. 

The 43-year-old was killed in broad daylight at a traffic light intersection of Jalan Permyjaya-Kuala Baram. Bill was in the driver's seat of his pick-up truck when he was shot from the driver's window while waiting for the traffic light to turn green. 


The political secretary to Miri MP Dr Michael Teoh is known for his outspokenness on issues of society, including indigenous land matters. During the state polls in May, he had garnered 1,220 votes but lost to Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate Rosey Yunus in a four-cornered fight.

"Bill Kayong was a committed activist who believed in the Reformasi agenda and was someone who had the issues of Sarawakians close to his heart," said PKR in a statement on the shooting, as published by Channel Newsasia. "The motive for the shooting remains unclear and we urge everyone to let the authorities carry on with their investigation. We hope that whoever is responsible for this murder is caught quickly and brought to justice."