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Dying Boy Receives Surprise of a Lifetime from Legoland

The terminally ill boy received a surprise visit from Legoland mascots – Lego Darth Vader, Lego Builder and Lego Policeman!

Dying Boy Receives Surprise of a Lifetime from Legoland
Images: Legoland Malaysia Resort
Earlier this week, the plight of 11-year-old cancer patient, Muhammad Danish Maarif came to light after The Star published this article about his wish to visit Legoland and his fascination with the toy. A project called “Legoland for Danish” was launched by a group of Malaysians who were seeking for donations of Lego to help cheer up the terminally ill boy. Danish is currently fighting a form of bone cancer called osteosarcoma.

According to his mother, the doctors declared that there was nothing more that they could do for him as the cancer had spread everywhere. His chemotherapy sessions have ceased and his operation that was initially scheduled had been cancelled.  Due to his weak state and condition, doctors have advised Danish to not travel and get enough rest. Not only that, one of his legs was amputated and he’s currently living with only one lung. Danish’s dreams of visiting the park one day were getting bleak.

Muhammad Danish’s case eventually came to the attention of Legoland Malaysia Resort and Lego Malaysia and they have worked something out with the project coordinators to help realize the boy’s dream.

Yesterday, Danish received a surprise visit from three Legoland mascots – Lego Darth Vader, Lego Builder and Lego Policeman along with representatives from the park and Lego Malaysia. They brought him Lego toys and theme park merchandise contributed by the company as well as the public.  The Legoland team also decorated his room with Lego to make it look like a Legoland Malaysia Hotel room as much as possible.

Image: Legoland Malaysia Resort
Image: Legoland Malaysia Resort
“Despite not being able to bring Danish to Legoland Malaysia Resort, we hope we were able to bring Legoland Malaysia Resort to him. I am really thankful to the people involved in helping Danish and bringing this matter to the public,” Young Pil Kim, interim general manager at Legoland Malaysia Resort, said in a statement.

Legoland was honoured to be part of this experience and said that they look forward to hosting Danish and his family at the actual theme park if his condition improves in the future.