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10 Amazing Make Up Transformations That Will Awaken Your Inner Geek

You can finally be whoever you wanna be.

10 Amazing Make Up Transformations That Will Awaken Your Inner Geek
A decade ago, make up may have just been something that you wore to cover up some imperfections or just to help enhance your facial features to make you look prettier. Because, you know, you are already pretty inside out. Fast forward to 2016, you've got thousands of Youtube channels that offer make up tutorials not only for your basic day-to-day make up but also cosplay make-up. Cosplay make-up? What’s that? Well it’s basically using make-up to transform yourself into fictional characters that you like. It could be an animated character, a robot, a tree, a real person, whatever it is the sky’s the limit.

Some of them really have the skills and you can’t really tell whether it’s the real deal or it’s just make-up. So, let’s have a look at some of their videos and see whether their make is really on fleek!

Dory from Finding Dory

We know what you’re thinking... “What? A fish? How on Earth will she be able to do that?!” The next thing you know…boom! It’s really Dory. Youtube user Chrisspy has over 1,500,000 subscribers at the time of post. That’s pretty impressive, huh? She’s done a few notable tutorials where she transforms herself into characters such as Buzz Lightyear, Yoda, and Maleficent. Visit her Youtube channel to find out more. 

Valak from Conjuring 2

Watching this makes us cringe because it is eerily very similar to the real character. Hats off to Ini Vindy, an Indonesian make-up artist and Youtube star for being brave for filming herself doing this tutorial. If it was us doing it, we'd probably get freaked out by our own reflection half way through and just call it quits. You can watch her videos on her Youtube channel. 

Groot from Guardians of The Galaxy

Make up marvel, Renata Monteiro is literally one crazy lady. Just when you thought putting make up to transform into a fish doesn’t sound weird enough, she’s transforming herself into a tree. Monteiro takes make up transformations and cosplay to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. She’s done make up transformations as the Evil Queen from Snow White, the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, Deadpool, and even The Magic Mirror in Snow White. A mirror?! We know it sounds crazy but she’s really good at her craft her make up transformations are truly on point. Watch her crazily accurate make up transformations here.

Venom from Spiderman

This girl really knocked it out of the park; she’s able to transform herself into Venom sans the CGI. Alexys Flemming or Madeyewlook, is a body painter and aesthetician. She has over two freaking million subscribers on Youtube! She’s well known for her movie inspired make up transformations. Don’t forget to visit her awesome Youtube channel.

Elsa from Frozen

Obviously, the Queen of Ice had to be on the list. Promise Tamang is part of an elite make up squad – she’s good friends with beauty guru, Michelle Phan and has over 4,000,000 Youtube subscribers. Some of her awesome make up transformations tutorials include characters from Inside Out, Hotel Transylvania, and Hercules. Watch her tutorials here.

Scar from the Lion King

For a second there, we thought we were watching clips from the Lion King at the start of the video. Well, she got us fooled, that’s for sure. Ashlea Henson does a lot of face-painting make up tutorials on her Youtube channel which has over 38,000 subscribers. Okay, we definitely know who to look up when we need face painting party ideas. You can subscribe to her channel here.

Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad

Damn girl, not only does she have the art skills, she can act as Harley Quinn as well! Erin or Fresh Blush gets our hearts racing in excitement with her make up transformations. You should check out how she transforms into Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove and also Kim Possible! Watch her videos here.

Creepy Clown

Definitely not for the faint hearted or especially those who have a phobia of clowns! Emma Pickles is a make up wizard from Great Britain. We think she has some similar resemblance to Katy Perry. Don’t believe us? Check out her Youtube page.

Darth Vader from Star Wars

Arise subjects; your Dark Lord is here! Kassierod totally slayed her transformation as the ruler of the Dark Side. Although she’s been toning it down on the cosplay transformations, her make up tutorials are still the bomb. Check them out here.

The Grinch (Zombiefied)

We love this look! This is what the Grinch would look like if he was bitten during a zombie apocalypse or if he accidentally fell into a radioactive acid pool. Bethany does a lot of face and body painting and occasionally some special effects make up. One look at her Instagram feed will totally blow your minds. Hop on to her Youtube channel to see this superwoman work her craft.