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Staying Here in Langkawi? There Will be a Tourist Levy of RM5

Tourist levies starts from RM1 to RM9 per night according to your choice of accommodation

Staying Here in Langkawi? There Will be a Tourist Levy of RM5

Like Malacca, Penang, and Kuala Lumpur before it, Langkawi will now impose a levy of between RM1 and RM9, on tourists for every night they intend to stay. 

The Langkawi Tourism Promotion Levy will depend on the class of accommodation you'll be staying at. The full breakdown is as follows:

RM1 per room per night: one-star or two-star accommodation
RM3 per room per night: three-star or four-star accommodation
RM5 per room per night: five-star accommodation
RM7 per room per night: six-star accommodation
RM9 per room per night: seven-star accommodation 

Update (24/6): We erroneously assumed there was seven-star accommodation on the island, but we've since been sternly corrected of that fact. It's a shame that there isn't a seven-star hotel on the island since there's already a levy on six or seven-star accommodations on the island. Perhaps the Kedah Tourism Committee knows about upcoming six and seven-star resorts in the offing. 

In case you were wondering, we've found a beautiful example of a five-star resort on the island you'll be spending that paltry extra RM5 tax on. Enjoy: 

The Datai Langkawi Resort

The bedroom in one of the Beach Villas at The Datai. Notice the bathroom in the distance? Bliss.


The private pool at the one-bedroom Beach Villa which connects directly to the beach. 


This is the bespoke bathroom at the Villa Hutan Datai which offers a view of Datai Bay. You can easily spend your holiday in this bathroom alone.


A luxurious pool in the middle of the hotel. An innumerable amount of Instagram pictures have been taken here.


...and another shot of the pool from one of the rooms. You can see how the forest and The Datai co-exist as one entity here.


The announcement was made by Kedah Tourism Committee chairman Datuk Mohd Rawi Abdul Hamid who said that Kedah depended a great deal on federal government allocations to promote tourism and the levy would help ease the financial dependence a little. The amount collected would go to tourism-related programmes to benefit future tourist. We're not shamelessly trying to promote The Datai here, but look how pretty it is! Book your stay at The Datai and look at their gallery if you aren't convinced.