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Meet Two of Malaysia's First Female Hot Air Balloon Pilots

Their ambition isn't just a bunch of hot air. Catch them on their trip around the Peninsular.

Meet Two of Malaysia's First Female Hot Air Balloon Pilots
Sisters Nur Izzati and Nur Atiqah Khairuddin became hot air baloon pilots after acquiring their license in Spain in September 2015. They currently work for AKA Balloon Sdn Bhd, the people behind Putrajaya and Penang's annual Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. 
Pahang local hero, Ms Farisha Mazlan. A surfer girl and owner of Kula Cakes.
Their expedition around Peninsular Malaysia is part of the Life On Air initiative, and over the course of September and October, the duo will be flying over nine states in the Peninsular to create awareness among youngsters about hot air balloons and hosting balloon workshops. They've completed Terengganu and Pahang and are heading to Perak from 21st to 24th September. 
Balloon sisters, Atiqah and Izzati, with local hero Ms Farisha Mazlan and LifeOnAirMY videographer.
The idea for the expedition was birthed while the sisters were pursuing their hot air balloon piloting license in Spain. Along with their instructor, the duo managed to see many parts of Spain that others did not and realised the same could be done in Malaysia. There were many states that they've yet to explore and what better way to take in your surroundings than with a hot air balloon ride? 
To find out more about the expedition, visit and #LifeOnAirMY on Facebook and Twitter. Live feed is available on YouTube and Snapchat, @LifeOnAir. Here are all the places they will be flying to in the next two months. If you like balloons and like riding on them, take this opportunity to explore more states in Malaysia.